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Why choose us?

We promote happiness and enjoyment in swimming in a success-filled environment at every level within our programme.

We teach small groups of children, from complete beginners to advanced swimmers on the verge of competitive training!

Swimmers can join us at any stage of the year. We invite new swimmers to a free lesson / swim assessment (except pre school stages).

We use a swim school software that enables parents to see their childs personal development and also top up classes online, you will also receive information via email through this system to ensure you never miss out on information from Southern Swim School.

Learning to Swim


Our pre-school lessons are designed to develop water confidence in children from the age of 3 up until starting primary school. Children will learn basic skills including kicking, arm action and putting their face in the water all the skills that are needed to learn the four strokes. Pre-school lessons are an ideal introduction to swimming before moving onto Junior Lesson Programme.

Swimming Trainer with Students


Our Junior lessons are ideal for children of primary school age. The aim is to develop technique and skill across all of the common strokes. Water confidence and awareness of safety is also a primary focus of lessons. This is a great way to help inspire our children to lead healthier active lifestyles. Lessons take place in 30 minute slots on weekday evenings and Saturday mornings during school-term time.

A senior man by the swimming pool


We offer 30 minute private swimming lessons on a 1:1 or a 1:2 basis. These are suitable for all levels, abilities and ages. 

Professional Swimmer


Whether you’re a complete beginner or a budding athlete looking to improve specific skills, our friendly, expert instructors will help you achieve your goals. They all have different specialist skills, so have a chat with us at reception and we’ll match you up with the coach who’s right for you. Alternatively, contact us below.

Swimming Laps


Do you have an event you're training for? Would you like to improve your stroke efficiency, style and speed?

We have a number of instructors who have taught members of the Island Team. Many of our instructors have competed in triathlons, prestigious swimming events and channel swims. We can help you reach your goals!

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