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Southern Swimming Pool Board Statement

Following on from the Tynwald resolution in January 2023 that DESC and DOI should deliver a costed strategic plan to develop regional sports hubs by October 2023, the Southern Swimming Pool Board is deeply disappointed to learn that such a plan will not be presented at this month’s sitting. The Board is concerned over this delay and the subsequent lack of progress on implementing the recommendations of the Knight, Kavanagh and Page report.

Although Southern Pool will be supported until Tynwald decides on the strategic plan, such support just enables the current operating schedule. Meanwhile the building and infrastructure continue to deteriorate. The lack of a clear Central Government program and timeline for the building of a replacement swimming pool make management of the pool difficult. Capital expenditure and maintenance decisions are based on uncertainty as the required remaining life of the facility to ensure continuity of pool provision in the south is unknown.

The Board also regrets that opportunities to create efficiencies through centralisation of certain aspects of the Island’s swimming provision are still being missed.

The Board expects that the long awaited and deferred strategic review will be completed without further delay. The Board will work with Central Government and the Southern MHKs to ensure that residents in the South of the island have a modern community pool like the other regions.


Our Story

Southern Swimming Pool is a family-friendly Swimming Pool dedicated to promoting fun and adventure all year round.


We offer the opportunity to play, train and experience the water like a professional. We are always aiming to expand our offering. That’s why when you come to visit, you’ll see why people keep coming back.


Our goal has always been, and will always be, to find the perfect blend between your fun, excitement and safety.


Our indoor heated facility has a pool measuring 25m x 7.5m with a depth ranging from 1m to 1.9m. Changing rooms have underfloor heating for your comfort, alongside locker hire to safely store your personal belongings.


Or why not hire our meeting room which is available for hire (Subject to availability).

We also provide free customer car parking so that you can easily access our facility. 

Disabled parking is also located at the front of the building, aiding disabled access to the facility​.


Word on the Street

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