Junior and Pre-School Lessons

Mon 11 January 2021 - -

We’re Upgrading The Lesson Programme

From January 2021, we’re moving our lesson programme to a new online system.

There is nothing you need to do at present as we’re still working on setting the system up.

You may get an email in the next few days which will remind you that payments for January are now due.  There will also be a link to allow you to sign up to our new “Home Portal” where you can track your child’s progress on a weekly basis.

If you don’t receive an email do let us know ( and we’ll send you one out.

The way you pay will also be changing in 2021.  Payments will now be for 6 weeks at a time regardless of the length of the school terms.  It may work out that a payment covers lessons either side of  school holiday.  Whenever your child enters the lesson programme, you pay for a six week block.

To make this all easier, you will automatically get an email reminder at 3, 2 and 1 lesson to go that a 6 lesson payment is due. By the time this comes round in 2021 you will also be able to pay online.

Our group swimming lessons will still be instructed by level 2 swimming teachers within the CIMSPA safe supervision guidance for class sizes. All sessions are supervised by qualified Lifeguards.


If you would be interested in our Half-term crash courses these run as an intensive 5 day swimming course. There is no need to already be enrolled on our current lessons to attend. To attend our next crash course please contact our swimming lessons coordinator on 01624 823930 or email

Junior Swimming Crash Course

Mon 15 February 2021 - TBA

Our experienced and highly professional swimming teachers believe that our programme is aimed at creating strong, safe and confident swimmers. We know that learning to swim is a skill for life.

We will be offering an intensive 5 day swimming course for various abilities. There is no need to already be enrolled on our current lessons to attend.

Booking will be available soon.

Lesson Programmes

Mon 4 January 2021 - Various

Private Swimming Lessons

We offer private swimming lessons for a 30 minute session with one of our swimming teachers on a 1:1 or a 1:2 basis. These are suitable for anyone new to swimming, wishing to learn for the first time and develop confidence, or for the more experienced swimmer wishing to develop technique.

Pre-school Lessons

Our pre-school lessons are designed to develop water confidence in children between the age of 3 and starting primary school. Children will learn basic skills including kicking, arm action and putting their face in the water all the skills that are needed to learn the four strokes. Pre-school lessons are an ideal first-step to swimming before moving onto junior lessons.

Junior Lessons

Junior lessons are ideal for children of primary school age. The aim is to develop technique and skill across all of the common strokes. Water confidence and awareness of safety is also a primary focus of lessons. By taking part in our junior lessons children learn to love swimming and being in the water, this helps inspire our children to lead a healthier active lifestyles through regular swimming. Lessons take place in 30 minute slots on weekday evenings and Saturday mornings during school-term time.


Adult Lessons

Adult swimming lessons are ideal for anybody wanting to learn to swim for the first time or anybody who is already comfortable in the water and wishing to develop technique. Swimming is hugely beneficial for your physical health and mental health. The swimming pool is one of the few places you can fully unplug it is the perfect place to relieve tension and stress.

Performance lessons

Do you have an event your training for? Would you like to improve your stroke efficiency, style and speed? We have a number of teachers who are previous island team members and have competed in triathlons, swimming events and channel swims. We can help you reach your goals!!